Zoe Partington - a Contemporary Visual Artist who uses her installations to develop viscerally-powerful audio visual and tactile representations of Disabled people’s journeys and experiences through spaces.


Zoe Partington predominantly works as a Creative Consultant and International Advisor for the cultural sector. A researcher, auditor and creative equality trainer for museums and galleries - enabling them with the knowledge to develop their skills and experiences for meeting the needs of Disabled visitors.


Zoe is passionate about Inclusion - changing the perspectives and stereotypes which modern Society often holds about Disabled people.

Zoe Partington - Visual Artist_edited.pn

Inclusion is about being vibrant, innovative and forward-thinking.

Changing perspectives and challenging stereotypes and myths.

Zoe Partington - Visual Artist_edited.pn

Photography of Zoe Partington: by Sarah Lever - as part of The Bartlett School of Architecture Bloomsbury Festival - Audio Description and Touch workshop.