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Zoe Partington - Visual

Zoe was a key member of the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG) team working with the Wellcome Collection to disrupt the narrative of their medical gallery Be Human. Zoe’s nuanced insights, based on years of experience of working with cultural organisations, combined with her engaging manner, demonstrate her uncompromising quest for the very best quality experience for all museum visitors but especially those with impairments. Her depth of understanding of the design process and clarity of focus that inclusive design is good design made her a critically important member of the team.        


Professor Jocelyn Dodd, 2019

Zoe Partington - Visual


Zoe aims to ensure businesses and organisations in the arts, heritage and culture sector make today's experiences inclusive with disabled people at the centre.


This means looking at initiatives, strategies, action planning and training, to open up and include disabled people as artists, participants, audiences, employees, volunteers and professionals.


Her workshops are designed to encourage participation and communication skills through the aid of artistic interpretation and informative processes.


Zoe can provide creative training programs and tailor made packages to address and develop thinking around Disability Equality that's fun, engaging and contemporary, within your organisation or business.


Inclusion is about being vibrant, innovative and forward thinking to change perspectives and challenge stereotypes and myths.

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