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Decoding Difference:

Decoding Difference - a new installation realised last November at Bush House by  Zoe, builds on the idea that the sculpture is the artist herself.


The emanating lights and sound of her heartbeat mirror Zoe’s changing blood glucose level and the chaos inside her. This live data is transmitted via an implant in her body. The intention is in a subtle way created to make the viewer feel uncomfortable about seeing personal data. Zoes intention is to highlight how often disabled people are asked pertinent questions about their conditions as opposed to the more important and valid questions about what are your access requirements. The lights reflect Zoe’s hidden impairment and sight loss but not as a victim to be pitied or as a sick person, but as a woman who emanates will power, life and humanity. Zoe’s work is embedded in the Disability Arts movement and she is a disabled activist with an international following and a member of the RSA.


Decoding Difference is part of the Layers of Vision exhibition which explores the experiences and perspectives of blind and partially sighted artists living in a world made for sighted people. Layers of Vision is based on ongoing research in which Dr Katharina C. Husemann (King’s Business School), Dr Anica Zeyen (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Dr Leighanne Higgins (Lancaster University Management School) explore how museums in the UK make their art collections accessible to blind and partially sighted visitors.

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